What is a bridge?

A bridge is just like a crown, except that there are at least three of them are connected together.  Bridge is a great option for replacing a missing tooth, if the adjacent teeth are damaged or have large existing fillings on them.  Bridges are also far less invasive then a surgically placed dental implant.  It is not removable, and will look and feel like any other teeth in the mouth.

enlarged model of a dental bridge

How do I clean a bridge?

You can easily clean a bridge using a “floss threader” available at most convenience stores. You can also clean under the bridge using water flossers, such as WaterPik.  We recommend using a water flosser.

how to use water flosser to clean bridge

How long can bridges last?

A solid zirconia bridge will be stronger than anything else in your mouth.  A bridge can last at least ten years or more if taken care of properly.  It is impossible to get a cavity on the surface of a bridge.  However, it is possible to get a cavity just below the margin of the bridge, where it is not covered, on the surface of your natural tooth.  Therefore, it is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene to maximize the life of your zirconia bridge.